The St. Phoebe School for Deacons partners with the distance learning programs of Church Divinity School of the Pacific to offer as a foundation for academic and lifelong learning.

“CDSP’s Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership (CALL) works actively with partner dioceses across the Episcopal Church to develop curricula and courses that support local formation for ordained ministry and complement diocesan-based retreats and formation experiences. CALL’s online courses are taught by experienced instructors—often seminary professors—and students can work directly with instructors as well as fellow students. Our close relationships with partner dioceses means that CDSP can offer new courses as needed and track students through their program.”


CALL Academics & Formation

CALL at CDSP has a long-standing reputation for high-quality local formation as well as professional continuing education and development. Due to a long-standing partnership with the Association for Episcopal Deacons (AED), CALL offers courses specific to vocational deacons, including:

  • Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Homiletics
  • Preparing Congregations for Mission
  • The Diaconate
  • The Diaconal Hermeneutic
  • Introduction to the Book of Common Prayer
  • Electives on social justice issues
  • Electives on spirituality
  • Electives on advanced Scripture topics

Courses are offered three times per year (fall, winter and spring), running seven weeks each. Students can expect 2-3 hours of work per class each week in an asynchronous learning format, which means that work can be completed around students’ work, family, and caregiving schedules. During CALL quarters, the Local Formation Director holds a scheduled weekly “study call” check in with each cohort to process their online learning and consider their academic study within the local context.

Students enrolled in the St. Phoebe School for Deacons would typically complete 12 courses in the CALL program over two years. In the summer quarter, topics of practical and/or timely significance will be offered locally for those enrolled with the St. Phoebe School through a combination of retreat-based and asynchronous learning. Individual advising solidifies each student’s academic formation with their pre-existing academic and practical needs and experiences.

What People Say

“Christians today have to invent practices of ministry that meet the world on its own terms with a distinct voice”

CDSP Dean, W. Mark Richardson

“Thank you for a wonderful experience! I will continue with CALL for the rest of my education for the Diaconate.”

CALL student

“I found this course intellectually engaging and very helpful to my diaconal formation. I would recommend it to others without hesitation.”

CALL student

Leadership and Learning also takes place at the St. Phoebe School for Deacons through peer mentoring and the intentional development of ongoing professional learning plans which build on the unique strengths, vocational call, and areas of identified development for each student. This unique blending of academic study and local formation allows a personalized approach for each learner that will carry over from formation to a lifetime in ministry.

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